Tips For The Mom To Be

Becoming a mom is a big step in a person’s life and something very few of are actually ready for. We have seen the movies and videos of screaming toddlers and seen their moms and dads walk miles round and round with apologetic expressions in the park, mall, church, you name it. Kids are a handful at any age. They are exceptionally hard at a young age when the parents know little on handling them. Here are a few tips moms world over guarantee will help you get through the early months of your baby’s life and still have some energy left to enjoy it.

On the Road

While at home or in an open space, you have the option of walking around, in the confines of a car, the wailing can drive anyone mad! Kids hate traffic and especially so when they are used to cruising at a higher pace and suddenly comes to a standstill. Make sure to have some kids songs CDs in the car to keep them occupied. You can also purchase certain CDs which include the name of your child in the songs, which apparently has a very positive effect on screaming children. Having some soothing low toned music too helps soothe the toddlers down. Having a few simple toys or magnetic toys will help keep your child occupied for at least a short time until you can regroup.

In the Night

Other than the usual taking turns with your husband, think more about the smaller nitty-gritties. To avoid leaks in the middle of the night, dress your baby in baby diaper a size too big for him so as to absorb all the pee without allowing it to leak out.

Also, fill the diapers with ointments before heading to bed so as to save time in the night during changes. It is also good to purchase ladies dress suits so as to save a few bucks.

Fun Tips

Studies have shown that toddlers still respond to cocoon shaped environments and low soothing droning noises as they remind them of the mother’s womb. When your toddler is having a tantrum, rather than picking him or her up and carrying them to a bright open space, create a small tent with a bedsheet and allow your toddler to crawl in with a pillow and regroup in an environment he is familiar with.

Washing hair is also a problem with most kids. Create a mini-salon experience at home. This will make it a lot more fun and interesting as well as a lot easier than dragging them to the bathroom to get mud off their hair.